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There are NO FEES for the preparation or implementation of any Analysis or Strategy reports.

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Having trouble making “ends meet?” Are you unable to save money? Do you have a future want/need to attain? “A journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one's feet”

We will assist you with a simple budget analysis to help start your journey and stay with you throughout the process and beyond, developing investment and/or insurance strategies to assist in securing your financial future.


Portfolio Analysis

Is the process of breaking down and studying an investment portfolio in order to determine both its appropriateness for a given investor's needs, preferences, and resources, and its probability of meeting the client’s goals. We would be pleased to complete a review of any existing portfolio you may have and compare its performance and appropriateness to our recommendation.

Download a Sample Portfolio Analysis (PDF)

Although we are constantly reviewing and monitoring individual holdings in our client portfolios, we commit to completing a Portfolio Analysis on each client account a minimum of twice each calendar year and communicating the results and any recommended changes.

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Insurance Analysis

It is just as important to ensure you are not over-insured as under-insured. We can analyse existing coverage by understanding your personal circumstances including:

  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Dependents
  • Health history
  • Income – percentage required by family in case of death
  • Desired retirement age

Download a Sample Insurance Needs Analysis (PDF)

Financial, Retirement, Estate and Insurance Analysis

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Every financial strategy should be developed using the same basic approach.

Establish the goal/relationship

  • Define and agree on the scope of the plan
  • Determine each party’s responsibilities

Gather Data

  • Determine the clients’ financial goals, needs and priorities
  • Communicate to the client what information is required and gather all relevant data

Analyze data

  • Analyze all information to determine the client's financial situation, and evaluate to what extent the client's goals, needs and priorities can be met under the current circumstances.

Develop a strategy

  • Identify and evaluate financial strategies relative to the client's stated goals, needs and priorities.
  • If client’s needs are not attainable, advise and offer alternatives.
  • If client’s needs are attainable - Agree on a strategy going forward and communicate recommendations 

Implement the solution

  • Obtain appropriate agreements, applications and documentation to implement the strategy.
  • Communicate with the client once the strategy has been fully implemented.

Monitor the progress

  • Agree on a time frame for monitoring and evaluating the strategy.
  • Review the our strategy to assess its progress and determine if it is still appropriate.
  • Confirm any revisions mutually considered necessary.

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We provide a complete range of Investment and Financial Services without charge. Whether you are investing $25 per month or your entire life savings, you deserve the highest level of customer service.

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