Late Summer 2023 At Issue

Mike And I have had the opportunity to talk to most of you over the past months, but I thought right now would be a good time to provide some perspective on the markets this year. 

US, Canadian and global equities had another positive month with the S&P 500 (US).  Index notching its fifth straight month of grains.  However, this short-term view of the US index can can be misleading.

June 2021 - Bitcoin At Issue

Join us to see two perspectives on a single topic.  This time around, Gary and Mike discuss Bitcoin.

Responsible Investing, and whether companies embrace environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues has increased in relevance, becoming a key issue to many investors.

"Market Turbulence: Coronavirus Covid-19 & OIL - The media loves a train wreck! It’s the hook they use to sell papers, capture attention and force you to watch the news broadcasts. But today’s headline seldom has a lasting effect.

Last week, Russia shocked the world by invading Ukraine.   Since then, a fierce backlash from the international community has resulted in many sanctions, both economic and financial, to try to stop Russia from fulfilling its plans.

With the situation changing every hour, it is impossible to accurately predict the full impact these   developments will have on global financial markets.

However, it is important to keep the anxiety and outrage resulting from these very disturbing events in context when considering our financial strategies and investment holdings.

Preferred Share Opportunity - Cole's Notes

Much of the following information came from a personal video meeting and subsequent email and discussions with Steve DiGregorio, my friend, and the Manager of the Canoe Premium Income (Dividend) fund and the NEW Canoe Preferred Share Portfolio fund

"A very good friend of mine, who was a medical industry consultant for over two decades, recently sent me a video made by NYC Intensive Care Unit Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center (

"Divide your fortune into four equal parts: stocks, real estate, bonds and gold coins. Be prepared to lose on one of them most of the time. During inflation, you will lose on bonds and win on gold and real estate; during deflation, you lose on real estate and

As you are no doubt aware, financial markets have been bouncing around like a blocked punt recently.

Fear of the Omicron covid variant spiked when the Moderna CEO suggested there would be “a material drop regarding the efficacy of existing vaccines against Omicron.”

I think it is important to look at a “helicopter view” of economic factors during the past six months to be able to understand financial market reaction, how governments and investors responded and more importantly, what possible opportunities and perils exist today.

"Back in January 2016 I first used the phrase “something is seriously wrong when a barrel of oil costs less than a Bucket of KFC!” I am not a market timer, personally or professionally

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